Scottish Cultural Organization of the Triangle scholarship for the NAAPD!


SCOT (Scottish Cultural Organization of the Triangle) is offering a $150 scholarship for pipers or drummers who are North Carolina residents and wish to attend a piping/drumming school such as the North American Academy of Piping and Drumming. The scholarship application is may be downloaded HERE. The deadline for applying is April 14. These scholarships will be awarded to North Carolina students of Scottish dancing, piping, drumming, fiddling or other Scottish Arts. Appropriate schools must be open to any applicant and not, for example, be restricted to students of any one school. Examples of appropriate schools include but are not limited to the Jink & Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling, the North American Academy of Piping & Drumming, The School of Scottish Arts Dance Camp or the Thistle School of Scottish Country Dance. Decisions of the Scholarship Committee will be guided by the applicant's needs, objectives, commitment, anticipated development and goals. Please include a current picture with your application. Recommendation by a current teacher, advisor or sponsor is required. No application will be considered without such a recommendation.


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